Your Special Abilities and Python

by Jeannette Washington

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The most unstoppable programmers have been in a situation where a system has gone down or their code broke, and they were responsible for getting it back up. Their resilience can almost always be attributed to their special abilities.

A high incident of dyslexia and ADHD traits are found in computer programmers. With today's ever-changing technology-reliant world, join me for an all hands on deck 'Think Aloud' conversation about special abilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. With that in mind, let’s steer the strengths, park the misconceptions and drive the tech hacks meant to empower programmers who exhibit special abilities.

About the Author

I am Jeannette Washington, M.Ed. a former Speech Language Pathologist with nearly a decade of experience working with students that exhibit special abilities. My expertise in the field of dyslexia has been solicited in The Washington Post alongside the cofounder of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity. Learning to code has ignited my passion for special populations in the tech industry. I have spoken at the Mississippi Dyslexia Symposium, A11y Camp Chicago and participated on a Diversity in WordPress Panel, to name a few. I can always be found tinkering or boasting the importance of accessibility, inclusivity, cognitive diversity and equity in the tech industry.

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