Engineering Pop Songs with Python

by Christian Weber

music learning beginner intermediate open source 1 hour tutorial

Have you ever wanted to create music, but were intimidated by learning an instrument? Have you wanted to learn how to program, but we're afraid of learning cryptic commands? If so, this talk is for you? Let's learn the fundamentals of programming to re-create a well known pop song!

In this workshop, we'll discuss the fundamental structure of programming and music with the use of Python. Python is a widely-used, and human readable programming language that allows users to quickly write code and solve problems. We'll discuss the structure and rules of music:

  • Basic Music Theory and Notes
  • The Major Scale
  • The Minor Scale
  • Chords

We'll take all of these concepts, and using the power of Python, re-create a famous pop song using only our computer! This talk is great for understanding the following concepts in Python:

  • Basic types
  • Classes with an OOP paradigm
  • Data Structures
  • Control Flow

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About the Author

Christian Weber is a Remote-First, Solutions Engineer at GitHub. After spending the first chapters of his career in Financial Technology, Christian now focuses on assisting both cultural and digital transformation in large and small software organizations. In his spare time, Christian enjoys playing guitar, listening to loud music, and zoom-zooming in his Miata!

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