An Experiment in Type Punning

by Jeffrey McLarty

backend type handling experimentation maintainability predictability

When python interacts with strongly-typed systems a mapping is implicitly created. Every. Single. Time. The (1 to 0, 1 to 1, 1 to many) relationships can be unwieldy. A related stack overflow question, Wes McKinney replies 'Welcome to Hell'. This is the story of an attempt to innovate out of hell.

A codification of the cognitive challenges associated with letting python talk to strongly typed systems was attempted. This is the reasoning, approach and story of an experiment.

About the Author

Jeffrey McLarty is a problem solver who currently works with a team of talented people who build analytics and tools for the portfolio managers investing Canada's largest nest egg. Over the last half-decade, he's contributed a variety of minor changes to popular open source projects and maintains a few unpopular open source projects too. He's also a runner, father, artist and investor.

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