Rain or Shine - How Freshbooks Guarantees Email Delivery

by Anton Nguyen

all systems api python

FreshBooks sends thousands of transactional emails every day - invoices, estimates, invitations, etc... This talk will go into how we used python to build a system that was dependable, reliable, and resilient to any disasters that could strike!

FreshBooks sends over a million emails every year. And no, I’m not talking about marketing emails telling you about some exciting new email we’ve just released. I’m talking about transactional emails. When you sign up and verify your account, we send an email. When you send an invoice to your clients, that’s an email. When you you want to reset your password, that’s an email. Email is not only a critical part of FreshBooks, but of our customers. How can clients pay their invoices, if they don’t receive them? In this talk, I’ll be going over how FreshBooks built dependability, reliability, and resilience into our email infrastructure, so that we can guarantee that our emails are delivered."

About the Author

Hailing from the cold northern plains of Canada, Anton had nothing better to do while growing up then basking in the warmth of his computers. His passion for computers was so fervent that despite the great dot com bubble crash in 2001, Anton decided to enroll at the University of Toronto for computer science anyway. Following graduation, Anton eventually ended up at FreshBooks. There he regularly leads an intrepid team of developers through the harrowing twists and turns of software development, weathering the IT world with pride and gumption.

Author website: https://twitter.com/AntonNguyen